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  1. The school was established during the year 2008-09 by Vidya Kshetra Educational Society. Most of the

directors of the school are academicians with over two decades of rich experience in school education.

Mr. A. Deepak is the founder & chairman of the school. He has been working as principal for over two

decades. The school is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, vide affiliation No. 130223.

  1. At Sentia The Global School, we believe that every student can achieve excellence in an atmosphere that is

encouraging and challenging. The school offers students the best resources and facilities. By instilling high

values, we create opportunities for students to develop their full all round potential. Our high standards and

academic excellence groom students to be responsible world citizens.

Motto: Semper Superne Nitens – Always Striving upwards

Mission: To foster human excellence imbued with integrity, loyalty and the spirit of service to mankind

through quality education, steeped in Indian ethos and values.

Vision: To evolve and grow by continuously enhancing the range of competencies, expanding the gamut of

our activities and extending the frontiers of our operations.

  1. The strength of school during 2016-17 is over 1600 students and we have no branches elsewhere.
  2. The class student ratio is 1:28 in classes PP I to X.
  3. Yet another feather in our cap is GUINNESS WORLD RECORD by 207 Sentians for their outstanding and

largest team display of Taekwondo — Poomasae 1 & 2, 40 times within 25 minutes in November 2014.

  1. For holistic education, academic and non- academic activity is planned. Children are exposed to activities

like Yoga, Music, Dance, Art & Craft, Outdoor sports &Taekwondo.
7. Students of PP I, PP II , I & II class shall have Power English program which helps the students

accelerate their English language skills. To enhance the curiosity to explore and to develop scientific

thinking, science & Math’s activity is included in the school program for classes I to X. To have highly

professional support for games and sports EDU SPORTS program is introduced for classes PP I to X. The

fee for the above programs is extra and has to be paid at the time of admission.

  1. The school follows C.B.S.E X-Seed learning method for class PP I to VI. X-Seed empowers children to

learn and gain confidence by asking questions and learning by doing. It works well with CCE (Continuous

Comprehensive Evaluation ), and helps to test students for HOTS, ( Higher Order Thinking Skills) rather

than information recall. Children who learn through the X-Seed method are confident and ready with skills

required for higher studies and 21`t century careers. To know more visit

  1. Students of classes VII to X are on the threshold of serious learning. Students are prepared for broader

horizons. The teachers use innovative techniques for effective and efficient teaching — learning

experience. The syllabi and the evaluation is as per the rule and norms prescribed by the C.B.S.E.
10. The medium of instruction and communication is English throughout the school. Fluency in English is

considered as a vital requirement for all. Hindi being the national language, holds a very important place in

the curriculum. The second language Hindi starts in class PP II. To fulfill the board requirements, a third

language is taught in classes V,VI, VII and VIII for which an option between Telugu and French is

11. In accordance with the recommendations of the CBSE, the school has adopted the semester system for

classes I to X.

Semester I (March to Sep) Semester II (Oct to March)
March & April – FA I October & November – FA III
June & July – FA II December & January FA IV
September – SA I February & March- SA II
  1. FA : Formative Assessment refers to evaluating a child’s performance in a holistic way, showing progress in

various skills, attitudes and values. The progress of the students will be continuously reviewed as per

assignments, projects, class tests, conversational skills etc.
13. SA: Summative assessment helps to understand periodically the academic and intellectual growth of a

child. It will be assessed through an end of the term examination using various questioning techniques

including M CO’S, data interpretation, very short, short and long answer questions.

  1. At the pre primary level, teachers lay a lot of emphasis on the play way method. Games are a natural

means of teaching little ones and are the integral part of every classroom. Teachers use  flash cards to

teach. Songs and rhymes are used to develop vocabulary. Teachers extensively use picture reading to help

the students grasp new concepts. The curriculum is designed in a way which is both fun loving and

challenging for the little ones. At this stage no exams are conducted but the performance is assessed on a

day to day basis. The grading is continuous and comprehensive to keep the students stress free.

  1. The school has a club system. Students of class V to X are given an opportunity to choose the club

of their choice based on their ability and interest. Some of the clubs are Music club, Dance club,

Martial Art, Fine arts club, Literary club etc.

  1. A nominated body of students is appointed by the principal in consultation with the coordinators

and teachers. It functions under the principal and sports department looking after the discipline

and co-curricular activities in the school.

  1. The academic year 2016-17 ends on 4th March 2017 for all classes . Annual reports would be issued on

4/3/17 for classes I to VIII and graduation ceremony for classes PP1 & PP2 will be held on 4/3/16 . The

new session 2017 -18 will begin on 15/3/17 for classes II to IX and on 20/3/17 for classes PPI to I. The last

working clay for all classes is 21/4/16 . The school will reopen after summer vacations on 12/6/16 . All

students shall have regular full day school from 8:15 to 3:00 pm on all working days.
18. For emergency medical care , we are tied up with MIRRA HOSPITAL at Miyapur which is about 2.5 kms

from school. First aid facilities are available in the campus.
19. Books & the uniform sale counter is available in the school from 4/3/16 to 20/3/16 between 10 am to 2pm.

Later parents may purchase books from Central publishers, opp to Green Park Hotel, Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

Ph. No. 04023400789. The uniform sale counter details will be communicated later on.
20. All Saturdays are holidays for classes PP I to III. Student of classes IV to X shall have six days week with

second and fourth Saturday as holidays.
21. The Academic Council of the school will peruse the registered applications and record the data and details

furnished in the application form and code the specifications as per the details furnished.

The following selection procedures are maintained to finalize the new admission.
A) Availability of seats/vacancies.
B) Priority in the order of registrations
C) Academic performance in the previous school as per the records produced for classes PH to I.
D) Age restriction.
E) Performance of the candidates in the WRITTEN ENTRANCE TEST for classes II to X in English ,
Mathematics and Hindi.

  1. The classage requirement is 3 yrs 6 months for PP I (lower Kg) and 5 yrs 6 months for class one as
    on 1st June 2017.
  2. Applicants selected for admission should confirm the acceptance of the seat offered within 7 working days

remitting the school fee and required documents.
24. The following documents are required to complete the admission process. Copy of progress report of the

last class attended, 2passport size photographs of the students and parents, copy of date of birth

certificate and transfer certificate from the previous school.
25. Regular field trips will be conducted as per the class &subject requirement.

  1. Parent teacher meetings are regularly held in the school, at least 5 times in an academic year.
  2. All fee payments are to be made by crossed account payee local cheque/ DD only
  3. The cheque/ DD to be drawn in favour of VI DYA KSHETRA EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY.
  4. Dishonoured cheque / DD will attract a penalty of Rs 250/-
  5. The school fee has to paid as per the schedule given. Thereafter late fee charges of Rs. 500/- for the first

ten days of delay and Rs. 1000/- for the next ten days of delay are charged. The school fee doesn’t include

books, uniform & transport.
31. Refund of any fee once paid to the school is not possible under any circumstances.

  1. Children availing school transport are not allowed to leave during the school hours as it would cause

confusion to the transport staff. Change in the bus route during the year is based purely on availability of

vacancies in that particular route.
33. A/c or Non A/c transport facility may be provided on any route. The bus routes and stages may be changed

during the year based on administrative convenience.
34. The pickup and drop time along the bus route shall be communicated in the first week of March 2016.
35. The bus fare ranges from Rs. 17,000 to Rs 25,500 per annum based on distance . 0 to 5 km- Rs17,000/-;

5.1 to 10 km- Rs 22,000/-;10.1 and above Rs 25,500/-.

  1. The bus fare has to be paid in a single installment on or before 1-6-17.
  2. Students availing one way transport also need to pay the full two way fare for the complete year. Students

will be picked up and dropped back at the same point for efficient functioning of the school transport.

point and drop point cannot be different.
38. School fee and bus fee need to be paid for the complete year even if the child withdraws at any time

during the academic year
39. Parents /Guardians can contact the school administration network through Email service’s.
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