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Dear Parent, Our thanks for your participation in the HUES and MUSINGS annual family painting competition held on 26/11/16. We are glad that 192 parents participated and the following have won the top places.

I prize – Mr.Amit Puri F/O Diksha Puri – V H

II prize – Mr.Rithesh kumar Jain F/O Aditi Jain III F

III prize – Mr.Vinay Surana Jain F/O Arohi jain I D

Consolation Prizes

1. Mr.Subha Rao F/O B.Bhavishya Rekha II H

2. Mr.V.Venkatachalam F/O V.Ishaan Shivanesam IV C

3. Mr.Mukesh Shende F/O Gauri Shende II D

4. Mr.K.Bhima Rao F/O K.Kaamya IX A


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